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One of the many reasons I love teaching so much.











Lessons available for:


* FLUTE (all ages, all abilities, beginner - advanced/diploma)

* RECORDER (all ages, Descant Recorder up to grade 8 Treble Recorder)

* PIANO (children only, beginners-intermediate)





Lessons are taught by Kate Morgan; international flute soloist and highly experienced teacher with 18 years teaching experience. Katie has performed as a soloist at major concert venues world wide, which gives her a wealth personal experience to offer, and you are therefore assured first class tuition.

It is CRUCIAL that you find the best possible teacher. (Advice: Do not merely chose the teacher who responds to you first. The good ones are usually very busy.)


In addition to flute tuition, lessons are available for music theory grade and diploma examinations. Under Kate's mentoring, all students have achieved a 100% pass rate in their examinations, with the vast majority of students passing with Distinction, including at grade 8 (the highest grade in the UK graded music system).

Students wishing to take flute and/or theory examinations are entered for examinations held by the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) examination board, unless a student should specifically request to be entered for an exam held by a different exam board, such as Guildhall. Katie is also able to provide piano accompaniment for those students who choose to take flute exams or perform in school concerts, etc.


Lesson location:

Lessons may be available to be held at a student's home (subject to availability and location), or are otherwise held during the week in Central London, West London, and East London (Docklands).

These days, the best music tuition is generally reserved for the "elite", but Kate believes it should also be accessible to the more "conventional" everyday person, too. Every music student is special! Therefore, top quality tuition at a desirable location, at such an excellent price; is extremely rare to find during such difficult economic times! As a result, places for tuition with Kate Morgan, are very limited, so please keep trying if there are no places available during your first application.

The lesson venue is close to nearby shopping locations (to keep flute students occupied before or after their lessons!), and is just a short walk from nearby tube stations and bus stops.

Complimentary light refreshments (tea, coffee, hot chocolate, light snacks, etc.) are also available on tap, and free of charge for all students!


Home tuition may also be available (Additional travel allowance may apply depending upon location.)

Who the lessons are for:


Lessons are available for both children AND adults, of ALL ages and ALL standards from beginner to professional!

Kate holds a clean and up-to-date extended Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate (formally called a CRB check), and  is available upon request for your peace of mind. Parents are welcome to sit in and observe their child's lesson.

What you will learn:

​ The strengths and weaknesses of  the individual will be identified, and a unique programme will be tailor-made for the student to work on, based upon their particular strengths and weaknesses, so that they are able to flourish to their full potential with diligent practice. Every student is unique, and needs a programme that works specifically for them.

Whilst a good instrument is very important, too many flute players assume that buying a £20,000 flute will make a huge difference to their tone.  Actually, flute playing is 90% down to the player, and how they make their bodies "resonate". Kate will teach students the secret of how to make the most of their unique physiology (every flute player is different) in order to produce a beautiful, well-rounded, singing tone quality, and become a more powerful musical communicator, through tone, which is directly linked to breath control, intonation, posture, other physical technique, aural perception, perception of tone colours, etc.​


​ Tone and technique are the fundamentals of flute playing, and whilst a performer might play all the correct notes, an audience will not enjoy the performance if the tone quality is not as beautiful as it should be. That's where Kate comes to the rescue! :)

It is of utmost importance to consider each student as an individual, and to really consider what each particular student's goals might be. Not all students desire to become professional flautists, whilst others do. Many simply love music, and just want to play for enjoyment, and it is important to nurture those students who don't aspire to become professional, but do have a real love of music; because those people are as important to music as those who desire to play professionally. After all, musicians do need an audience, and the more supportive both artistically and musically, the better for the entire musical community.


Kate is a caring, enthusiastic, patient, encouraging, and sympathetic teacher, who cares fervently about individual musical needs and requirements of every one of her students, whether they are learning with the intent of becoming a professional musician, or whether they are just learning the flute purely for fun! She has a sagagious attention for detail, and adapts to each student’s needs accordingly and is experienced in teaching both children and adults. Therefore, there is no set curriculum, and each student is taught on an individual basis according to their own personal strengths and weakness. The lessons will work on strengthening any weaknesses in the students' playing (we all have at least one!), in addition to developing a beautiful sound, solid technique, the ability to play musicality, aural skills, and general music appreciation.


Lessons are taught on a one-to-one basis, as group flute lessons do not usually work (some students progress faster than others, and/or are different levels of ability, etc.).

Students may or may not wish to undertake flute and/or theory examinations examinations, but those who do will be entered for examinations held by the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) examination board, unless a student should specifically request to be entered for an exam held by a different exam board, such as Guildhall. Kate is also able to provide piano accompaniment for those students who choose to take flute exams or perform in school concerts, etc.

Kate firmly believes that almost anyone can learn to play flute, or any other instrument... Provided they PRACTICE enough! To quote Trevor Wye, " ... it is a matter of time, patience, and intelligent work" ... on the part of both the teacher and the student. As a teacher, it is equally as important to inspire a genuine love of music, as it is to "produce" a fabulous new flautist!

Primarily, Kate sets out to make flute playing ENJOYABLE! After all, what's the point of learning if you don’t enjoy playing?




Is your flute causing you aches, or any pain?


With many flute players suffering hand, arm, and shoulder injuries as a result of unhealthy tension, I set out to eliminate this tension so that my students are able to play the flute "effortlessly". The relaxed hand positions that I teach PREVENTS flute related injuries, and also enable students to develop an excellent technical capacity. Unfortunately, many flute players see flute playing as "unnatural", as we "do not walk around in every day life with our arms up in the air!" - True, but I make flute playing as natural as it possibly can be, by incorporating our natural hand positions from our natural relaxed state, into flute playing. This therefore releases the unhealthy tension in the body, and my students are then able to engage in hours of flute playing, without experiencing any aches. A flute player who believes the flute to be "unnatural" is more than likely to physically tense up, due to their psychological belief that "the flute is unnatural". I see flute playing from a relaxed perspective, and my teaching is about using natural flexibility, with no strain.


For the more advanced students, musical features are taught in depth. I help students to understand the MEANING behind the music, and nurture the musicality within my students, encouraging them to bring their musical and interpretive ideas to the fore. In addition to being taught how to produce a wide dynamic range, and a wide palate of different tone colours; students are also taught how to phrase correctly, in order to be able to express the musical meaning behind the music. I teach students how to COMMUNICATE the music, and not just play the notes.


I also teach my students how to breathe correctly; by using the whole of their lung capacity. It's also great exercise for anyone who is asthmatic!


Very competitive prices! Please enquire. Lessons depend upon location and duration.


Online tuition also available via webcam from the comfort of your own home! - Please get in touch for more details!



​​​Catchment Area: The normal catchment area is London and the South-East, with lessons held in Central London. However, lessons are possible further a field by arrangement. Occasional lessons are sometimes available in S.W. Wales, during school holiday periods. Please ask for more details.











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